Pro­fes­sion­al Stan­dards of Remote Prac­tice: Nurs­ing and Midwifery

As part of the project Path­way to Remote Prac­tice’ the Pro­fes­sion­al Stan­dards were reviewed in June 2014.

There are nine stan­dards, each with a set of criteria. 

The Pro­fes­sion­al Stan­dards were devel­oped to pro­vide a bench­mark for con­sis­ten­cy and expect­ed lev­el of prac­tice for nurs­es and mid­wives seek­ing employ­ment or work­ing in the remote and iso­lat­ed health services.

These Pro­fes­sion­al Stan­dards pro­vide guid­ance and direc­tion for nurs­es and mid­wives to prac­tice com­pe­tent­ly, capa­bly and pro­fes­sion­al­ly to meet the health needs of all peo­ple liv­ing in remote and iso­lat­ed areas across Australia.

CRANAplus Clin­i­cal Gov­er­nance Guide

This Guide was devel­oped by CRANAplus under an Aus­tralian Gov­ern­ment Depart­ment of Health Grant with the prime objec­tive to enhance gov­er­nance, trans­paren­cy and account­abil­i­ty in deliv­er­ing safe, qual­i­ty health care to remote and iso­lat­ed communities.

The pur­pose of this Guide is to be a ref­er­ence and resource for clin­i­cal ser­vice man­agers and clin­i­cians so they will be able to dis­cern their respon­si­bil­i­ties in apply­ing the recent­ly intro­duced Nation­al Safe­ty and Qual­i­ty Health Ser­vice Stan­dards to their work­place and in their prac­tice. This Guide looks at the com­po­nents and process­es of clin­i­cal gov­er­nance and qual­i­ty improve­ment for remote and iso­lat­ed health ser­vices. It is based on the Nation­al Safe­ty and Qual­i­ty Health Ser­vice Stan­dards, specif­i­cal­ly Stan­dard 1: Gov­er­nance for Safe­ty and Qual­i­ty in Health Ser­vice Organ­i­sa­tions with ref­er­ence to Stan­dard 2: Part­ner­ing with Consumers .

Clin­i­cal Standards

Aus­tralian Com­mis­sion on Safe­ty and Qual­i­ty in Health Care.

CRANAplus is pleased to endorse the fol­low­ing Standards;

Fur­ther rel­e­vant Guide­lines and Stan­dards can be found below