Lis­ten to tai­lored pod­casts deliv­ered by men­tal health pro­fes­sion­als on a vari­ety of topics.

  •   Cath Walker    

    Sleep well

    • The importance of sleep and the normal sleep cycle stages
    • How much sleep do we need?
    • What affects the quality of our sleep?
    • Common sleep problems and causes
    • Strategies to improve sleep and promote good sleep routines.

    Length: 11 min


  •   Mark Aitken    


    Mark Aitken, RN Stakeholder Engagement Manager with Nurse & Midwife Support, talks to Drew Radford about resilience for health care professionals in rural and remote communities. He explores the meaning of resilience and why is it important, the key components of resilience, the particular issues for health care professionals in rural and remote areas that may impact their ability to be resilient, how self-care supports your ability to be resilient and what you should do if all of a sudden your resilience doesn’t kick in.

    Length: 9 min